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What all do you provide?

Danielle Davis is a

full service wedding photographer. Danielle offers wedding day photography, engagement sessions, bridal portraits. Danielle edits and retouches digital images.


Will I be able to print my digital images wherever, whenever I want to?

Yes. Danielle Davis shoots everything digitally and includes shared rights to digital images with all of her packages. The images will be edited, high resolution jpg. It is important to have high resolution so that you have the opportunity to print big, huge if you like.


What are shared rights?

Shared rights gives you the ability to print whenever, wherever, you wish. You can also post images on personal blogs and facebook, with a shout out to DDArt of course. The share part means DD Art/Photo still has rights to those images to post on the website, blog, photography competitions, etc.


What do I wear to my engagement session and how do I pick a location?

Three outfits are suggested. You may not get to all three but at least you will have options. One outfit casual, one outfit recreational, and one outfit dressy (sometimes the dressier the better). You get to pick your location. DD Art/Photo will provide a list of 25-30 options. But Danielle loves an adventure so she is open for new places!


How long can I have you on my wedding day?

Packages start at 4 hours to all day, and even entire-event weekends.


What if your equipment malfunctions?

DD Art/Photo uses Nikon professional equipment and Danielle brings two of everything to every wedding. A good insurance plan is to choose packages that include a second shooter.


Who do you use for second shooter?

Danielle currently use three different shooters. They have either studied photography in college and/or have equivalent experience. Danielle chooses shooters that can add to her style of photography.


Are you available for travel?

Yes Indeed!!! Travel costs extra but if it is an amazing destination then Danielle will probably give you an amazing deal!