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Thursday, April 19, 2012
By Danielle Davis
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Hi! I am so happy to introduce Central Arkansas' latest up and coming videographer to you...Kim K!

Not only is she my friend but she is a wonderful mom-praneur (aka-amaze-balls entrepreneur who happens to be a mom, which makes the best kind....right?! ;).  Kim is super artsy and talented at everything she does.  She was recently inspired to start a videography company Kim K./Cinema Verite. After her first big purchase toward her Videography company, she joined Hollie and I at a wedding in Newport. Did I mention the bride works for Arkansas Bride!?  Needless to say, I was on pins and needles-nervous for Kim.

But when Kim sent me the link to the couples sneak peek video, shut the front door! I was all smiles. It is so on-trend. With an Inde-ish vibe and 50 mm focus, she captures the couples personlities spot on! 

I just had to share the video with you all.  I think you will be all smiles too. Can you imagine?! This is her first big job! 

She has several weddings on the books for 2012...already! I will def. share those when they are ready for viewing..I can't wait!

Couples!! This is the perfect opportunity to get an affordable videographer. Just facebook her at Kim K./Cinema Verite for more info. 

Kim is also doing family protrait videos! Which are super cool!!

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